About the program:
It Is a social and cooperative program designed by the Jeddah Chamber for its members. it will be free of charge for the first time for members of the third and fourth level. The program is based on the concept of taking care of members of small and medium-sized enterprises benefits by  funding  and compensating their inherits ​after death, for God forbid.  

The program goals:
Encourage individuals to enter labor market and become business owners.
Encourage businesses for more continuity.  
A voice of solidarity with the families of owners of small and medium enterprises in case of death of the head of the family, God forbid.

The target group of the program:
The individual establishment that is classified in the third or fourth level only and renewed its membership.

The service requirements: 
In case of death of one of the Jeddah Chamber members of small enterprises in the third or fourth level, the heirs of the deceased shall be compensated with 100,000 SR.

Conditions of enrolment:

The individual establishment should be national and classified as third or fourth level in the Jeddah Chamber membership.
Valid commercial register or permit.
The registration in the program should be for the main center of the institution only and it should be located in Jeddah or one of the branches of the Jeddah Chamber in (Rabigh - Alith - Qunfudah).
The age of the members shall not be more than 60 years.
The member’s membership in the Chamber should not be less than two consecutive years.
The beneficiaries’ right to claim for compensation will be denied after thirty days after the date of death and they have not reported the chamber on the death. 
The beneficiaries’ right to claim for compensation will be denied after fifteen days after the date of reporting on the death and they have not submitted all required documents.
Renew or have a new membership for branches if the subscribed member has other branches.
In all cases, if the holder of the certificate does not meet any of the above-listed conditions, the Chamber has the right not to compensate him.

Beneficiaries of the program:
The legitimate heirs of the owner of the establishment.
To have the Takaful amount, the heirs should bring the following requirements: 
Attach the death certificate and the limitation of succession attestation with copies for matching.
Attendance of the legal agent of the heirs to receive the amount of Takaful.
Attach the agency certificate and a copy of it beside the agent personal identification document ID. 

Excluded Conditions:

Death due to wars or natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, disasters, etc., which are natural disasters.
Death due to other causes, but not limited to (suicide, drug abuse, etc.).
Death whereas there is another compensatory body.​