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Jeddah economic hub of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Attar, President of the Honorary Consuls Council said that Jeddah is an economic hub of the Kingdom. 

He made the remark in a recent seminar organized by the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce (JCCI) with the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Honorary Consuls Council during the launch of Diwaniyah for Social Economic Partnership, Mutual Cooperation and Trade at Dahlan Press Center recently.

Attar praised the effort and said that international Diwaniyah is an excellent idea to share information, ideas, and investment opportunities to establish network.

“We want this meeting to be held every two months or more frequently to avail of different opportunities, sharing information and follow the implementation of future planning,” he said.

Ziad Al Bassam, Vice Chairman of JCCI, welcomed all the consul generals, honorary consuls and businessmen from all the sectors. He said this initiative of international economical Diwaniyah is to enhance the business and investment opportunities between all parties, and to build communication and information network. He further explained that Diwaniyah is to be a platform for launching different initiative projects, making JCCI a meeting point for businessmen, and enhance mutual cooperation between consulates and JCCI to achieve the target of the Kingdom in both economic growth and relationships.

“This platform will be used to share ideas, investment opportunities, projects, and increase economic relation between different countries and Saudi Arabia,” he said.

General (r) Dr. Mohammad Al-Juhani, Vice-president Honorary Consuls Council, made a presentation.

Ambassador Jamal Balkhaywar, Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized the important role of the representatives of the countries to provide investment roads, business and investment opportunities and enhance relationship between the countries and the Kingdom. 

He said commercial attaches are business people and keen to achieve the business and the goal of establishing this Diwaniyah to avail the business opportunities, relationship, to know each other, become strategic partner with the world, enhance the investment, create channels according to the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

Ambassador Ali Al Ayashi, Dean of the General Consuls, thanked the foreign affairs ministry and said, “this Diwaniya will be an excellent platform for joining the forces of all the interested parties in enhancing the investment and trade, help in attracting world investments, achieving the goals of the Kingdom under vision 2030, enhance the comprehensive development, build the bridges and cooperation between different countries and Kingdom,”

The seminar was attended by Timothy Cannon, commercial Attache US, Bilar Noguis Furio, assistant to Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Spain, Bineta Diouf, second adviser, Republic of Senegal, Evangeline Malli-Pungutan (Vivain) Trade Assistant Philippine Trade and investment center Jeddah. Mohammed Shahzad Ahmad Commercial Consular, Consulate General of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Dr. Mohammed Nurul Hassan Commercial Consul, Consulate General of India Jeddah and others.

Source: Saudi Gazette