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Jeddah Chamber Chairman Message

We find the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia advancing many developed countries in the world in terms of economic, commercial, and industrial developed. Due to this increased responsibility, the Jeddah Chamber shines through and demonstrates 75 years of accomplishments, sharing it with the nation's progress and planning on building the future with the determination of its key stakeholders. The boards of directors, Chairmen, and Secretaries Generals came one after another working on consolidating its position as a national civilizational entity providing services to the business community within the Saudi Chambers system, which is considered as the umbrella of the Saudi private sector.

The economic and investment wheel witnessed diversity, development and was able to keep up with the circumstances and changes. In light of the vision 2030 of the Kingdom, the Jeddah Chamber looks into the future and preserves the capabilities and benefits of this country, due to which citizens live in prosperity and happiness. The chamber continues to secure the Kingdom's economic condition and ensures continued growth of the Saudi market and the strength of its bases and ability to meet development requirements. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, has become an advanced center in the economy and investment system and has made Saudi market a great environment for embracing various projects and building partnerships with various countries and sectors, attracting the world's largest companies and enhancing the means of supporting trade relations with them.

Today, at the 22nd session of the Board of Directors Jeddah Chamber, we seek the expertise of the members to support the commercial, industrial and investment movement and enhance the role of the private sector as a development partner. The Chamber is also keen to take care of the interests of its members from the business sector and the Jeddah community by diversifying investment, economy, and industry in the Kingdom in general.

The Jeddah Chamber has witnessed many developments and expansions at administrative and organizational levels to improve services to subscribers. The most important indicators of development are its extension to the various governorates of the region to provide its round the clock services to the business community via various programs and electronic applications.

The Chamber is the main sponsor of many festivals and forums, which has made the city of Jeddah the city of forums and events throughout the year. The Chamber has more than 100,000 members and 65 sector committees in various fields. Each committee is dedicated to creating the right atmosphere for different business sectors and accepting their opinions and initiatives. The strategy creates a privileged position in the system of Chambers of Commerce in the region and to consolidate the original concepts of the business development and a strong, active commercial movement in the city of Jeddah.

 Mohammed Yousef Naghi