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Jeddah Summer Festival is now ‘on the map’
JEDDAH: Jeddah Summer Festival drew to a close on Saturday evening, boosting Saudi investment in domestic tourism through cultural and entertainment activities, theater performances, folk art, sea shows, shopping, sporting events and poetry evenings.
The month-long festival was the result of intensive efforts from the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI). Major commercial centers participated in a competition for 500 awards worth SR2 million ($0.53 billion).
JCCI General Secretary Hassan bin Ibrahim Dahlan said Jeddah Summer Festival “is now on the map of regional tourism festivals.”
Dahlan said the organizers of these events were keen to highlight the cultural and civilizational dimension of the Makkah region in general and Jeddah, in particular, to make a qualitative leap in domestic tourism in line with the Vision 2030.
New events were presented for the first time at the 20th edition of Jeddah Summer Festival this year.
He also pointed out that the Jeddah Summer Festival gave a variety of options to investors in the tourism sector to expand investment in the marketing and entertainment sector.

Source: Arab News