The Department​ Goals:

- Increase the level of communication with clients.
- Introducing the services and events in an effective way.
- Reaching the Excellence level in organizing the internal events in the Chamber.
- Effective media presence that leads to media leadership.

Departments of the Department of Communication Affairs: 

- Public Relations and Media Department 
- Taking care of the members Department

Department of Public Relations and Media:

Help in the management of public relations in Jeddah. Management Services: 
The Public Relations and Media Department helps introducing to the clients of Jeddah Chamber  the nature of the Chamber's tasks, building relations with all its clients, along with organizing and managing all the Chamber's events.

The Services of the Department: 

- Booking Halls service
- Announcement of events through the official website of the Chamber and Social media of the Chamber 
- Media coverage and inviting media personnel 
- Coverage of major events on social media of the chamber 
- Providing external hospitality services
- Documenting events with photography and video
- Provision of attendance recording devices
- Logistics support for external events
- Send invitations
- Sending Memos 
- Provide internal and external clients with the information and lists needed 

Members Care Department :

The Department takes care of the positive mental picture through providing all  services of added value and needs of the members. Whether it was tangible or logistical, as well as providing the advice to its members for  both public and private sectors.

The Services of the Department:

- Provide advice for its members 
- Provide data and information
- Responding to calls, suggestions and complaints through the unified call center - the CRM Program- Chamber's email "" - and the location of the Chamber
- Responding to official letters from government Authorities
- Responding to Real estate valuation request letters
- Guidance and directing
- Affiliate Program
- What's App Business

Sections part of the Department:

- Customer Service
- Service Support
Contact Information:

​Department ​Manager ​​Contact
Director of Communication Affairs​ ​​Hossain Farrash ​Tel: 0122398008
​Manager of Marketing Department Tharwa Attar ​Tel: 0122398155
​Manager of Members care Department ​Adil Turkustani ​Tel: 0122398121
Email: ​​​​
​Registering in the What's App Business Services  ​0122398000