About the Department:
Events and exhibitions sector main goal is to make Jeddah a favorable destination for businessmen to invest, a center for
significant events to be organized at local and regional levels and a satisfactory destination for recreational tourism, recovery, umrah and visit.

The Department Goals:
Promoting Jeddah as civilized, tourist and cultural city that has more potentials than other cities for business as it is the gate of the Two Holy Mosques, a coastal city and a significant commercial city since thousands of years.​

The Department Sections:
Exhibitions department 
Festivals and Events department

Terms and conditions of organizing events: 
General terms and conditions for organizing educational, recreational and sport events: 
1. The organizer should deliver detailed accurate information about the event which include a detailed description of the event and activity, location details, event or activity name, the responsible organizer and event or activity duration (beginning and end date). 
2. The organizer shall sign a pledge that prepared by the Events Department in the chamber. The parties shall be the organizer and an internal official to supervise the event organizing. The supervisor takes the responsibility in case of any pledge violation by the organizer that the supervisor will be subject to a penalty and cancellation of the event without any financial or literary liability towards the organizer.
3. All events are censored by government agencies each according to its competence. The Pledge should state that that in case of not completing the preventive, security, technical and safety procedures by the organizer, the event will be canceled immediately without any financial or moral liability towards the pledge violator.
4. There should be a permit for each event according to regulations of the events department.
5. The event location should be selected carefully that it should not be near to public utility nor places with traffic jams. 
6. The organizer should commit to permitted programs, and not trying to organize any other programs not permitted in any way. Besides, he should commit to starting and ending date of the event.
7. Placing a large ad poster with the festival and sponsors logos in the event.
8. The organizer shall not deviate from the common customs, norms and Islamic values. He shall protect public morals and maintain public order, separate places assigned for men and women according to law and regulations.
9. Providing Saudi civil and well trained security guards in order to maintain security inside the event sites and in exit gates and to supervise on these terms execution.
10. The event should be under a direct supervision and management of officials and those in charge of managing the event, taking in consideration the necessary of having a reliable Saudi manager in the site during the event period. 
11. Create special places assigned for men and women for prayer. 
12. Commitment to public facilities cleanliness during and after the event.

Important notes:
1. The Event Department will not receive any request for organizing an event one month before the event.
2. The transaction won’t be received in case of not completing the required documents.
3. The organizer should get the transaction number from Jeddah Province in case it has been approved directly by it.
4. Jeddah Province will be informed, in the case of having province approval, but not receiving the permit form Event Department. 
5. The organizer has to commit to the starting and ending date of the event as the event date shown on the permit.
6. Company owner or his assigned delegate shall   sign all the required papers and transactions.
7. The organizer shall comply to the instructions and obligations listed in the back of permit to guarantee not canceling the event by any authority.
8. The Jeddah Province approval for organizing an event will be null in the case of not getting the permit from Event Department during a month from approval date. 

Terms and conditions:
First: Religious, cultural and social symposium and poetry reading.
Additional general conditions:                              
1. poetry reading:
a. To get permit for the poetry reading, the organizer shall provide the Event Department with all participant names.
b.  The organizer shall compel to the approved participants, having no right to make any amendment unless getting the Jeddah Province approval.  

2. Religious, cultural and social symposium:
a. The Event Department should over-emphasize to the organizer the importance of selecting lecturers and figures who are officially permitted to hold an eventز
b. The organizer should get relevant government approval for nominated lecturers and figures FIRST, then he can request for a permit for holding the event. 
c. When getting the government approval and the event permit, the organizer shall compel to the approved participants, having no right to make any amendment unless getting the Jeddah Province approval. The organizer also shall obligate to previously scheduled dates and times of the event. 

Second:  Saudi folklore and heritage festivals:

Additional general conditions:
a. The organizer must be clear in his request because if there is a violation, the event will be thoroughly canceled and the official in charge will be called to account. 
b. The approval for folklore activities will be restricted only to the approved and permitted bands by Saudi Arabian Society of Culture and Arts.
c. The modern musical instruments, loudspeakers, sounds and light effects are not allowed in folklore activities. 
d. Folklore activity will be ceased during the month of Ramadan. 
e. In case of violating the terms and conditions, exploiting the folklore activity throwing a musical concert accompanies with dancing and inappropriate behaviors and according to the Saudi laws and regulation that bands such form of concerts, the activity will be immediately stopped and the organizer and folklore band will be penalized according to law and regulations or as what decided by rulers.

Third: sport activities:

Additional general conditions:
1. Water sports:​    
Organizing water activities are not allowed, unless getting the approval of the General Presidency for Youth Welfare (Saudi Arabian Federation for Marine Sport) and selecting an appropriate spot that authorities would approve. The spot should be thoroughly secured and equipped with first aid and safety means by organizer.

2. Auto races and auto shows:
Organizer should get permits for holding such form of events from relevant authorities if any. The racing tracks and auto shows places should be secured and equipped with first aid and safety means by organizer.​       

3. Hang gliding:
The organizer should get license from Saudi Aviation Club and selecting an appropriate site that authorities and security committee would approve. The site should be thoroughly secured and equipped with first aid and safety means by organizer.​

Fourth: Exhibition and event tents:

Additional general conditions:
The tents should be a very high level of safety standards in terms of shape and space. Also, it should be fully secured and equipped with first aid, safety means and necessary services before operating it. The tents should be constantly censored by concerned authorities to check there is no contravention. 

We also emphasize that the event tents do not include any buying and selling activities like in bazaars as the purpose of such events is promoting tourism not combating markets.  In the case of violating the granted permit and holding event with no the official permit, the event will be stopped and the violator will be called to account and the organizer will be deprived from participating in the upcoming festivals.

Terms and conditions of organizing the record-breaking event (Guinness World Records):
1. The event should be titled (record-breaking event).
2. The request for holding such events should be form corporates and companies that are permitted to organize events and exhibitions.
3. The request should be printed on the company letterhead and signed by the direct manager or his delegate.
4. The printed request should be stamped by the company and attested by the Jeddah Chamber.
5. Attaching a copy of a valid commercial register. 
6. Attach a primary approval form Guinness World Records to include your record in the book. 
7. The record you attempt to register should be compatible with Saudi society norms, customs and values. 
8. Record-breaking events should not include any other events.
9. The organizer should get approval from Police and Civil Defense and selecting an appropriate site that is thoroughly secured and equipped with first aid and safety means.
10. The organizer should take into consideration that the site space should take in the number of attendees to avoid crowding particularly in closed places.
11.     Create special places assigned for men and women.
12. The request should be submitted to Event Department at the Jeddah Chamber first, as the department team will in their turn request for the approval of Governorate and then they issue the necessary permits.
13. The event duration should be one day only.
14. The organizer shall assign a contact person to be responsible before concerned entities. The assigned person will take decisions and have executive power.
15. The Jeddah Province approval will be null in the case of not getting the permit from Event Department during a month from approval date.

Terms and conditions of organizing productive families’ exhibitions (Bazaars):
1. Any event related to productive families should be titles (productive families’ exhibition) only
2. The exhibition should be under the umbrella of a licensed charity organization by the Ministry of Social Affairs 
3. The charity organization will afford the expenditures of the following:
Location rent
operation expenses
Security guards 
Advertisement and media campaign
location preparation 
operating costs (maintenance and operation)
the organizing company dues 

The charity organization shall in its turn rent the locations to productive families with nominal price or actual cost. The exhibition revenues should be for productive families’ benefit. 

The exhibition should not be longer than 5 days 
Perishable food not allowed to be displayed for selling 
All participants must be Saudi citizens only.
The exhibition for families only
Exhibited products must be a handicraft by the productive families only
Fundraising is not allowed in any way
Productive families’ exhibition is organized by the charity organization or by one of the companies or corporates that are licensed by the Ministry of Trade to organize such exhibitions
Holding the event in the headquarters of the charity organization or in a licensed hotel or a certified Exhibition Hall.
The letter for holding an exhibition should be addressed to the province by the general director of Social Affairs in Makah before the event that is not less than fifteen days. Any request made directly by the charities organizations is not acceptable.
The letter of the general director should include the approval for holding the exhibition.
The exhibited products and items should be subject to applicable standards and requirements as well as they should be compatible to Saudi norms and traditions.
The exhibition should not include any other events
After getting the approval for the exhibition the request should be referred to Event Department for necessary permits. 
The charity organization is fully responsible for any violation to these terms.
The execution of these terms and conditions must be supervised by the Ministry of Social Affairs as charity associations are under it.
The Jeddah Province approval for organizing the exhibition  will be null in the case of not getting the permit from Event Department during a month from approval date

Required documents for organizing an events:
To organize an event, the organizer should first get the Jeddah Province approval. The organizer can request for an approval for the following events: 

Festivals, shows, forums and conferences 
Training courses for private sector 
Displaying products 
Stage presentations and shows 

Request can be accomplished through the following steps:

1. Visit the province official website- e-services.
2. Submit the request under the name of HRH Jeddah Governorate.
3. For other events and festivals (not mentioned above) please visit Festival Department and tourism programs at Jeddah Center for Events and Forums.

Required documents: 
1. Fill-in the pledge for organizing an event (from Event Department)
2. A copy of a valid commercial register or Valid professions practicing license
3. A copy of the approval from the place event will be located in  
4. Attach a brief about the event and its time schedule 
5. Saudization certificate from labor office 
6. Pay the fees of event permit after getting province approval 
7. A copy of the documents to follow its status 
8. Approval is null in the case of not receiving the events’ permit after one month from the approval date.

Contact information: 


​Manager ​Contact
​Director of Exhibitions and Events Affairs​​  ​M​ohammed Alsafeh
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​Exhibitions and Forums Department
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