Department Goals:

- Developing manpower (human capital).
- Providing distinguished services to ensure the satisfaction of the employees.
- Attracting qualified staff to work according to the needs of the Chamber.
- Develop the intellectual skill of the individual or the team by spreading the honest competitive spirit and confidence in performance and motivation.
- Stimulate and maintain competencies.
- Maintaining work ethic and commitment to values among the staff.
- Creating an environment and culture work based on results and encourages creativity and innovation.


- Develop human resources systems and applications.
- Attracting leaders and competencies.
- Investigate causes of Job competencies leakage.
- Awareness and development of the performance of the human work force in the Chamber in order to control and increase the actual outputs of the performance through training programs and periodic meetings.
- Apply the method of self-supervision through the use of time and creativity at work.
- Identify the tasks, responsibilities and roles of the employees in the sector and follow up their implementation through job description cards and performance evaluation reports.
- Prepare and implement a program of moral and material incentives for employees
- Updating the working methods of the Chamber through coordination and participation with the sectors in the preparation of programs and the development of execution plans.
- Implement initiatives to develop the environment and work culture.
- Providing special administrative and financial services to employees.
- Keeping employee data and records.
- Studying complains and grievances submitted by the Chamber's staff.
- Apply self-supervision method through the use of time and creativity at work.

Human Resource Development Department Services:

-  Putting performance appraisal plans.
- Preparing and development system for the rewarding and annual bonuses.
- Modify the organization structure.
- Review of the internal operation processes.
- Preparation and implementation of employee incentive programs.
- Finding the training needs for the staff.
- Prepare an annual training plan for employees, linking its outcomes to the goals of Jeddah Chamber.
- Implementing the training program plan for employees.
- Training students from various universities within the cooperative training program.
- Provide summer training for children of the Chamber's staff.

Human Resources Department Services:

- Preparing and implementing a strategy to attract distinguished special human workforce to develop the Chamber's performance.
- Developing and training work teams by reviewing the performance evaluation and develop the self developing  plans and ensuring that the plan is implemented according to schedule.
- Providing special administrative and financial services to employees.
- Keeping employee data and records.
- Ensuring the application of monthly discipline regulations and attendance and departure procedures.
- Application of staff regulations.
- Preparation and implementation of recreational program for employees.
- Implementation of the Cooperative Takaful Program for Employees.
- Providing health insurance services for the employees and parents.
- Pay monthly and annual employee dues (monthly salaries - bonuses - rewards - allowances and so on).
- Supervising the loan fund.

​​Department  Manager Contact
​Director of HR Affairs Department Lamia Kurdi​ ​Tell: 0122398114
Human resources Department
Mona Khmees​​​
​Tell: 0122398110