About the Department: 

Become a reference for private sector for the effective application of information technology through modern technical methodologies and providing projects that are practically up to the Chamber's expectations of supporting the business sector and maintaining the advanced technical developing level in the Kingdom.

• Adopting  the best modern and emerging applications in the field of management and technology.
• Taking care of the interests of the Chamber's members and providing them technical services.
• Depending on technology in all internal Chamber transactions and services provided to employees.
• Strengthen relations with government entities in line of the Kingdom's adoption of e-government project
• Activating the cultural environment of technical field in Jeddah Province.
• Providing everything new in the world of technology from electronic services perspective.
• Making Jeddah Province a preferred destination for businessowners wishing to develop their regional and international trade through the availability of economic information.

Contact information:

​Department Manager Contact
IT Affairs Department ​Monther A. Jastaniah ​Tell: 0122398300
monther@jcci.org.sa ​​