About The Department:

Developing international trade and exports department represents Jeddah Chamber in its relations within its region and global environment, aims to develop economic activities of all its members categories with their counterparts in the private sector worldwide. By receiving official and private delegations visiting.  Exchange economic information, conducting Seminars, Exhibition, and conferences, sharing investment opportunities locally and internationally.
The specialized departments on strengthen the existing information relation and to open new communication channels  with various official entities, along with international bodies and organizations relevant.

In order to perform its functions the department use the latest technical equipment provided by the Chamber for all its sectors to serve its members distributed through its halls, bilateral meetings, conferences and seminars, in addition to the means of telecom and communication.


- Preparing, implementing and supervising the programs and visits of the trade delegations to Jeddah 
Chamber, through the programs related to informing them about the activities and services of the Chamber during their visits and provide with all means available.
Working on the preparation of meetings for the of the Chamber members with international trade delegations and reviewing the periodic reports of delegations' visits programs. Ensuring the necessary information on international trade opportunities is shared among all of the Chamber's members.
- Develop programs to exchange and activate expertise and experience with international chambers in coordination with consulates and commercial attaches.
- Introducing to our members the investment and commercial opportunities in the global market.
- Participating in the expansion of the private sector exports through the participation of the Chamber's members in international exhibitions.
- Increase the participation of members of the Jeddah Chamber in the regional and international events through awareness of the programs and providing the necessary information to increase trade exchange.
- Providing various information about the commercial franchise locally and internationally.

Departments affiliated to the Department of International Relations Affairs:

- Department of International Trade Development and Export.
- Department of trade delegations
- Department of International Information 

Economic Information may interest you:

Saudi Economy : 
The Department provides development plans "Facts and Figures" and presents a comprehensive picture of the economic and development achievements of the Kingdom compared to the achievements of previous years.

Reviews the existing agreements between the Kingdom and the countries worldwide, agreements of the (second class, regional, and public)

Bilateral Saudi Trade:
Provides detailed information on Saudi Arabia exports and imports according to the latest statistics published by the relevant authorities. Also, contains the list of basic commodities, which provides information related to commodities traded within import and export operations.

Balance of Trade presents trade balance data between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and various countries of the world according to the latest statistics.

2) Foreign trade issues

International trade information: 
The Systems and Procedures department contains a comprehensive set of laws and procedures classified by category. 

This section reviews the latest reports and studies related to the Saudi economy divided by economic sectors (finance, banks, infrastructure, foreign trade, social services, businesswomen, population and employment, human development, agriculture, services, trade, construction, Tourism, energy, information and communications technology, foreign investment, small enterprises

Business Opportunities :
This section will enable users to keep up-to-date with the upcoming business and economic events, exhibitions, forum, workshops and conferences taking place locally or internationally.  

2) Trade Shows (Domestic International)
This section presents group of international and local economic events such as conferences, forums, exhibitions and workshops.

Trade delegations:
This section contains database of detailed business delegations visited the Chamber.

Investment opportunities:
This section presents a range of international and domestic investment opportunities.