About the Department:

It aims to build the concepts of quality and institutional excellence in the Chamber's work to be able to provide its services 
with a high level of performance through documenting the work procedures and continuous improvement to enhance customer satisfaction and serve as a role model in the application of quality and institutional excellence in the business sectors.

Projects Follow-up Department:

It aims on setting standards and models and applying the methodological foundations in the management of portfolios, programs and projects, following up on the implementation of its plans, and upgrading the performance and efficiency of the sector and the centers of the Chamber through its implementation within a scheduled scope of the project in order to achieve the strategic directions of the Chamber.

Performance Measurement Department:

In order to identify the Chamber achieving its goals, starting with the preparation of the strategic plan and updating it according to the internal and external environment developments, planning the main performance indicators and target sectors, departments of the chamber and follow up the measurement according to the correct periodic measurement of the deviations, improve performance, adjust existing plans putting new goals in order to achieve the best level possible achievement of the Chamber that would contribute in enhancing the culture of performance among the Chamber's staff.

Contact Info:

Department ​Manager Contact​
Assistant to the Secretary General for the Development Sector Hanaa ​Zamzami Tell: 0122398140
Email: Hanaa@jcci.org.sa​