About the Center:

The administrative and organizational work in Islam has its constituent elements based on the Islamic faith, which set limits and limitations to regulate ethical behavior and determine administrative responsibilities and human relations and practical. From this aspect the Center for Research and Studies at Jeddah Chamber is a center that conducts studies and researches to provide analysis and recommendations that assist the different sectors in making their decisions to achieve the Chamber's basic goals through serving the professional interests of business and industrial owners in the private sector members of the Chamber, and representing the interests of the business sector in the region in where they are located.


• Integrating with the government and private entities to configure the business environment for investment
• Providing updated research, studies, and information
• Contribute in the treatment of renewable variables in the business environment
• Contribute in the simplification and development of regulations and legislation


1 – Preparing plans and programs to develop research activities and studies in cooperation with the various departments at the Chamber.
2. Preparation of economic studies (for office or field)
3- Preparing reports related to urgent issues (investment incentives, initiatives, analysis of government entities reports, observations and notifications on regulations and legislations related to the private sector according to transactions received from the competent authorities)
4. Conducting opinion polls for the internal and external activities of the Chamber
5. Preparing sectorial files
6 - work on a directory of investment opportunities for the province of Jeddah and its affiliated centers
7 - Inventory and analyzing the challenges faced by businessowners with government entities and suggesting appropriate solutions for it
8. Provision of economic statistical information (database)
9 - Issuing Jeddah Economic Manual (Jeddah Facts and Figures)
10. Publishing information and feeding Jeddah Economic Portal

Departments of the Center:

• Information and Publishing Department
• Studies and Research Department
Contact Information:

​Department ​Dept. Manager ​Contact Info
Director of Research and Studies Center​ ​Hanan Al Mari
​Tel: 0122398427
e-mail: ​hananm@jcci.org.sa ​
Manager ​of Information and Publishing Department ​Laila Alsofiany
​Tell: 0122398412
E-mail:   ​lsofiany@jcci.org.sa  ​​